Being an agency that books trips for families around the world mainly online, one of the questions we often hear is whether Happy Adventurers is a scam.

The short answer is no, Happy Adventurers is not a scam. But we want to take this opportunity to tell you about our story and share with you how you can verify that Happy Adventurers is not a scam.

How can I verify that Happy Adventurers is not a scam?

There is an organization dedicated, among other things, to certify travel agencies around the world. It is the Cruise Lines International Association or CLIA. Suppliers such as Disney, Marriott, Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Line, require travel agencies to be certified by CLIA in order to establish a business relationship with them.

Happy Adventurers is CLIA certified, and you can verify this by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the section “Travel Agency Member: CLIA/Industry ID#:” enter our ID: 00039177
  3. Click on the “Verify Travel Agency Member” button.
  4. Check the message “Happy Adventurers LLC is a current CLIA member in good standing,” which means that Happy Adventurers LLC is an active CLIA member and its registration is in order.

It is important to emphasize that CLIA, being an international organization, sets high standards for certifying a travel agency. Having a CLIA certification is a recognition of the transparency and good practices of our agency.

Is Happy Adventurers a Scam?

Customer Reviews

Now that you have verified that Happy Adventurers is a real, CLIA-certified agency, you should know what people who have lived the experience of working or planning a trip with Happy Adventurers have to say about us.

You can do this by visiting Trustpilot, an international organization dedicated to the validation of companies with a presence on the Internet through protocols and reviews from verified users.

Happy Adventurers is on Trustpilot

Certified Travel Agent Program

If you are here because you are interested in joining our Certified Travel Agent program, you will be pleased to know that, after several years of receiving countless requests from people wanting to join the agency, we decided to open our Certified Travel Agent program.

This program has grown much faster than we ever imagined, and we are thrilled to have hundreds of agents with us. 

Within this program, knowing that success can only be achieved by working side by side with our agents, we ask ourselves each and every day how we can provide our agents with better tools and more knowledge.

This is what agents who are currently in the program have to say:

This is what makes us different

We designed the Certified Travel Agent program from the heart. When we first started our journey, we actually joined another agency. Honestly, we were never really happy with the terms of that agency, and after a couple of years we decided to leave and start Happy Adventurers.

When we started getting requests to join the agency as Independent Certified Travel Agents, we realized that we had the opportunity to design the program the way we would have liked it to be when we joined that other agency.

That is why we decided:

No monthly fees, no annuities and no booking minimums.

When we were in the other agency, we were not yet dedicated full time to this venture. Some months we were simply losing money, as we had to pay a monthly fee of $70, regardless of whether we were earning commissions. So we decided to remove this fee, which simply doesn’t make sense.

Pay commissions quickly

When we were with the other agency, it took them up to 90 days to pay us commissions. Then, when we set up our agency; we realized that suppliers pay commissions within a month of the completion of the client’s trip. So holding commissions for 90 days is crazy!

We pay commissions in the month immediately following the completion of your clients’ travel. So you can enjoy your commissions as quickly as possible.

Inexpensive payments

In the other agency, payments were made through services such as PayPal, which charged big commissions.

Instead, we at Happy Adventurers pay by ACH to any bank in the United States and have partnered with an international payment system that uses the local platforms in each country to make the transfers to virtually any bank in the world.

World Class Training

It is impossible to be successful in anything if you don’t have the right knowledge. That is why we have designed World Class training for our agents. 

You will learn:

  • How to use all the tools.
  • Best practices for quoting and booking.
  • Lead follow-up techniques.
  • Proven strategies that we have used for years to get leads.
  • Besides, you will have access to all the new modules we release. 

Support 7 days a week.

Imagine your customers are traveling and face a problem that you don’t know how to solve. Without adequate support, you will live moments of anguish and stress.

At Happy Adventurers we have support 7 days a week both in English and Spanish via chat and toll-free numbers.

Enriching communities

At Happy Adventurers we believe that communities are essential for people’s growth. That is why we have two communities that enrich both our agents and our travel clients.

Our Facebook community is called Tips de Disney. In this community with more than 50,000 members, we publish tips, news and techniques for our traveling clients to have an amazing vacation.

We also have the Adventurers Community, which is exclusively for our Certified Travel Agents. Here all agents share their experiences, tips to get more bookings, and can ask any question they have. They will always find the right answer! 

Is Happy Adventurers a scam?

Definitely not! We are a serious agency endorsed by CLIA and by all our suppliers. Moreover, our clients and agents agree that they love working with us.

Get in touch to learn more about how Happy Adventurers can help you become a Certified Travel Agent or plan an unforgettable trip to any corner of the world.

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